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New To GuildPortal?

Betrayel17, Jun 20, 11 5:13 PM.
Alright guildies if your new to GuildPoral first thing is your'll have to make a GuildPortal account which is simple just go to GuildPortals main page. Then you must apply to join this guild on here once you sent it tell me & I will accept you. Once you are accepted please go to the Roster and add you toons. If you are an Officer tell me so I can put you on the list.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Betrayel17, Jun 19, 11 4:58 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
       Hello & welcome to the guild "Betrayed". We are a new & friendly guild who are always looking for adventure. The guild was founded on June 16th, 2011 by myself Betrayel or as some may know me as Tikera, Aermine, or Rohkwin from my other toons. But never the less my goal for the guild is to just have fun & make new friends, seems simple right? Well it is if everyone is willing to pitch. 
        Since we are a newly made guild, we are indeed recruiting members of any level range. All you have to do is send a message to any of the members of the guild & if they are an officer they will invite you. If they are not an officer they will send me a tell or what not with your toon's and I will invite you, but only if the officer thinks you should join; so you should first run a quest with one of the members or the guild or myself before asking to join due to you may be declined.


1. Q: Have you ever been a guild leader in the past?
A: Yes, but I never seemed to find the right members who are willing to help the guild & the members.

2. Q: How long have you been playing DDO?
A: Well counting breaks & school I'd say since a little after the release of the game.

3. Q: I'm new to the game, can I still join your guild?
A: Of course! We'll gladly help you in anyway we can. :)

4. Q: Can anyone become an Officer?
A: No I only have everyone as an Officer untill we get our numbers up. After that I will choose a hand full whom I think will be great Officers.

5. Q: Will you have any guild only runs?
A: Once we get enough members & have a good number of toons who are around the same level range then yes.

6. Q: Is there a limit to toons that we have in the guild?
A: Not at all, just please update the Roster with all your toons names, classes, & levels.

7. Q: Are only VIP/P2P (Pay 2 Play) member allowed to join?
A: No, I myself am not a VIP member anymore I'm a Premium member, but anyone is allowed to join even F2P (Free 2 Play).

-If you have any other questions please mail me, Thanks! ~Betrayel-

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We are always looking for new members so if your interested please send me an in-game message to any of my toons, (Tikera, Rohkwin, Aermine, or Betrayel) Or send a message to the Co-Owner Andygates. Thanks!
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